eureka ao ep. 22

the series hasnt been on par with eureka 7 in every category. the countless plotholes have push me to the limit. the characters’ design and depth arent there. naru is useless. what were the ears for? why dont u show more backbone and purpose? what was with that random meal with renton? why can you pilot the spec 2 nirvash? everyone is useless but ao. i still dont understand the scub coral and secret conflict. what were they thinking when they drew together the truth? who was johanson? what is your relationship with eureka or purpose in being so rebellious! its blinded rage. my main complaint is how are they doing to close the series? they have let too many questions unanswered. i doubt all of them will be answered. my expectations from the series is incredibly low but since its a sequel, u have to watch to the end. 

rentons appearance! finally! it was the first time in 22 episodes where the series felt like eureka seven. its the most ive been on the edge of my seat since eureka and the geko showed up. i rewinded it 5 times to see his badassness in action! u guys are killing me with the cliffhanger! no episode preview! a month wait! damn it.